NATIONAL FIBRE NETWORK XDSL a New Generation ISP has been setting the pace in the Fibre market, we were the first ISP to launch 25Mbps, 50Mbps and 100Mbps Fibre products. Bold and Ground breaking decisions gave XDSL another first where we provided free internet access from within our Data Centre to our Fibre customers if they hosted their equipment inside our Data Centre. Being the leader of the pack, XDSL have built a next generation network that spans more than 200 000km Fibre in South Africa, in just 13 years
XDSL’s high-speed broadband fibre offering will be delivered as a minimal contended service in order to ensure maximum capacity utilisation and optimised cost XDSL will provide Free use of an Enterprise PBX. Access to XDSL's Helpdesk during business hours.   This is for customers that want to make the change from ADSL, DIGINET and Wireless and experience Fibre Optic. Please look at our Enterprise Fibre Products that come with very high service levels for customers that need guarantees. Click Here!  
  ADSL is still one of the cheapest methods to access the internet. Telkom offers ADSL lines as a best effort service which means there are no guarantees on either throughput or uptime.   XDSL have developed ADSL products specifically for Businesses users. This is where XDSL stand head and shoulder above our competition.   Businesses will enjoy fast speed with very low contention ratio’s ensuring very fast speeds and better throughput. Business will enjoy priority support above home users.   As a business you will get much mo
FTTH provides access to the fastest possible internet which cannot be delivered through technologies such as, ADSL, coaxial cables, 3G or wireless etc. Whatever you do online, from simple internet searches, to watching tube videos, fibre optic broadband [FTTH] delivers consistent speed with no buffering issues. Internet speeds are not dependent upon the number of users simultaneously accessing the internet, a common problem in traditional ADSL and wireless internet  access technology. Internet speeds are not dependent upon the number of users