XDSL VOIP Termination

XDSL Networking Solutions is a leading VoIP Service Provider that delivers reliable VoIP solutions for domestic and international destinations. We have been in the IT industry for well over 14 years, and during that time we have tailored our voice products to ensure that our clients get the best quality at competitive prices.

XDSL has invested in their own “Porta One” converged Carrier grade voice and billing platform. Porta One provides various prepaid, post-paid, retail and wholesale telecommunication services, including calling cards, Vonage- and Skype-like services, MVNO & MVNE, ISP, WiMAX & Wi-Fi and much more.

As part of our XDSL VOIP product offering we provide a separate VLAN for Voice traffic to ensure excellent quality of service. This is in line with XDSL’s most stringent, precise and easy to understand Service Level Agreements in the ICT industry in South Africa.

XDSL has also recently introduced its Network Performance Management product offering that offers the fastest, most scalable and comprehensive data collection, monitoring, analysis and reporting solution. This new system monitors quality of experience of Voice over IP (VoIP) applications from the same console used to manage network performance and availability. Some of the managed network performance capabilities include Call ID , Destination IP , Destination Phone , Destination Subnet , Duration , Jitter , Latency, Mean Opinion Score (MOS), PBX Name, R Value, Source, Source IP Source Phone and Source Subnet.

So why did XDSL invest in this, international performance management product of the year?

For XDSL and our customers it will offer the following
  1. A single point of monitoring, for faster resolution times and quality of experience like Voice over IP applications.
  2. Complete operational intelligence for capacity planning and budgeting.
  3. Assist our customers to Identify under and over utilized resources to manage expenditure and assist with informed decision making.
  4. Provide our customers with visibility into their network.
  5. Detailed reporting for predictive or proactive management to avoid system down time or degradation.
  6. Ensure success of change projects especially voice over IP deployments


For those customers that have a VOIP Solution already, please contact us to discuss your current rates and determine if we can provide you with more competitive rates.

XDSL is absolutely ready to offer a total comprehensive managed VOIP solution across our enhanced performance management system.

Don’t delay, contact a friendly Sales Agent at XDSL Networking Solutions today and we will gladly assist in finding the VoIP package or solution to best suit your needs.