Mega Fibre

Being the leader of the pack, XDSL have built a next generation network that spans more than 200 000km Fibre in South Africa, in just 13 years.
Providing us with the advantage of having access to 25% more fibre than the single largest ISP in South Africa.

XDSL’s 64, growing daily, POPS (Points of Presence) are positioned perfectly to reach most businesses in South Africa.
Spanning 14 Data Centres across South Africa and internationally incorporating Cisco, Juniper and Ciena, XDSL built up a backbone with bandwidth speeds up to 40Gbps.

XDSL's Mega Fibre is designed for Corporates, ISP's and Resellers that want to build their own network.

The more customers and branches you connect the more you enjoy the advantages of contention and unused traffic if you take our Mega WAN and Mega Internet product with Mega Fibre.

This gives total control and self-management on your network.  

Features and benefits

  1. Access to high speed Fibre
  2. This service is only available in certain pops
  3. Fibre access will be a layer 2 service and will always be a 1:1 service
  4. Save on cost and total ownership
  5. Sling shot your business in to the future with our Mega Product range
  6. Combined with Mega WAN and Mega Internet products you will receive a complete network that competes with the best
  7. Have total control of you network and bandwidth