Archive October 2012

Xtreme MPLS anyone? New offering from XDSL signals greater competitiveness in telecoms market in South Africa. Xtreme MPLS, a new offering from XDLS, a local Internet Service Provider (ISP), is a solution that puts a face to the shifting norms within the ISP arena and identifies closely with the standards customers are increasingly expecting from ISPs in South Africa i.e. more reliable, better quality, seamless connectivity and high levels of service.


Network Neutrality offers advantage to new businesses. In South Africa, network neutrality now offers a decided advantage when it comes to getting connected and staying connected. With more and more telecoms infrastructure being installed nationally by multiple players and the undersea cables landing and launching, we are already seeing a drop in prices and “more-for-your-money” throughput upgrades.


Agile and well-connected, XDSL wins multi-national client with Xtreme MPLS offering. XDSL, a local ISP that has just celebrated its tenth birthday, has won a major deal supplying Xtreme MPLS connectivity to drive the local operations of a multi-national client, G4S. The deal has cut the cost of the solution considerably for the company, doubling throughput and capacity, introducing improved failover, and making cloud services a reality.